Cormac Racing. Cormac Buchanan. Levels Raceway Timaru, Aug 2020.

Levels KOL Rnd 3a


Levels KOL Rnd 3c



The two IMD iM250 Pre-Moto3 racers. NZSBK 2019, Taupo.

Photo courtesy Terry Stevenson.

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Campbell Grayling #5 and Jason Hearn #11 at Taupo, NZSBK, 2019, Rd 5.

Photo courtesty Dallas Alexander.

BR 41

Jason Hearn and Campbell Grayling on the podium, Levels, Timaru, NZSBK 2019

 NZSBK 2019 Rd 2h

Jason Hearn on board the iM250 at Levels Raceway, Timaru, Jan 2019

 NZSBK 2019 Rd 2g

Jason Hearn takes two wins for IMD iM250 at NZSBK 2019 Round 1, Ruapuna, and Round 2, Timaru, January 2019

After a tough start to NZSBK 2019 for the IMD, Jason went out and won Race 1 comfortably from Yanni on an ex-World Championship Kalex KTM Moto3 machine. This was followed by a close 2nd in race two. 

Race 3, the NZ GP was cancelled due to an oil spill. 

Racing at Timaru for Round 2 went without a hitch and Jason scored a second victory over Yanni on the Moto3 machine and a second by only 0.004s in race 2. Unfortunately he had a small spill in Race 3, no real damage done, but a DNF. Jason is now sitting in 2nd in NZ 125GP/Moto3 championship and we look forward to the North Island rounds.

The NZSBK 2018 125GP/Moto3 motely crew, Ruapuna, January 2018

NZSBK Rd 1 group

Regan Phibbs NZSBK 4th place in 125GP/Moto3 class for 2018.

Two unfortunate technical DNF's lost us the chance to take 2nd place. 10 points off 2nd, 3 points off 3rd.

One win and numerous podium finishes capped off an otherwise very successful season for Regan Phibbs, Biggles Racing Team, Moto Academy NZ and IMD iM250.

 Taupo c


Regan Phibbs takes first win for IMD iM250 at NZSBK 2018 Round 4, Taupo, March 2018

Taupo b


The NZSBK 2017 125GP/Moto3 motely crew, Hampton Downs, March 2017

20170305 154017

And then there were two. iM250 Mk 3.0 (left), iM250 Mk 1.3 (right) at Manfield, Jan 2017

Manfield Jan 2017

Testing with #80 and Marc-Antoine Jacquet #57 (right) Jan 2017

Testing Manfield Jan 2017



IMD iM250 Mk 3.0 taking shape. November 2016. Compared to iM250 Mk 1.2 (left)

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Racers of the iM250 from November 2012 to March 2018

On the way to first win for the IMD iM250, Taupo, March 2018 and P4 in NZSBK 2018

Taupo b

Regan Phibbs on board IMD iM250 Mk 3.0, Taupo, NZSBK 2018

Timaru b

Regan Phibbs on board IMD iM250 Mk 1.2, Hampton Downs, NZSBK 2017

iM250 March 2017d

Dave Manuell, iM250 Mk 2.0, Hampton Downs, NZSBK March 2016

Dave Manuell NZSBK Rd 4 d


Tayla Relph, iM250 Mk 1.2, NZSBK 2015, Ruapuna Circuit, Jan 2015

NZSBK Rd 1 b2

 Tayla Relph, iM250 Mk 1.2, NZSBK 2015, Levels Circuit, Jan 2015

NZSBK Rd 2 q3

Sam Love, iM250 Mk 1.2, Testday, Hampton Downs, Dec 2014

Sam Hampton Dec 2014b

Marc-Antoine Jacquet, iM250 Mk 1.1, NZSBK 2014, Ruapuna Circuit Jan 2014

Marc NZSBK Rd 1 IMD250

Glen Skachill, iM250 Mk 1.0,  NZSBK 2013 Taupo Circuit March 2013

Glen Skachill NZSBK 2013 Taupo Circuit March 2013

Tyler Lincoln Testing iM250 Mk 1.0 at Manfeild, November 2012

Tyler Lincoln Testing at Manfeild Feb 2013

iM250 Mk 1.0 almost complete, November 2012

IMD250 almost complete