The home of iM250 Pre-Moto3 racing


Designed and manufactured in New Zealand 

Manfield Jan 3

iM250 Mk 3.0 (l) and iM250 Mk 1.3 (r), Manfield circuit, testing, January 2017


The IMD iM250 Pre-Moto3 race bike offers young, novice and experienced riders alike a Moto 3 Grand Prix learning and racing experience.


The iM250 provides:

A large fraction of Moto3 performance

For a small fraction of Moto3 price

Superior handling

Adjustable suspension and chassis

Low maintenance, low cost four-stroke powerplant

Choice of brand-new or re-purposed components

After sales technical support

On-going technical development


The IMD iM250 has been designed and manufactured in New Zealand and developed under racing conditions using a range of innovative New Zealand experts along with good, old-fashioned Kiwi ingenuity, inspiration and hard work.


The IMD iM250 is the best option for riders who seek a Grand Prix experience but do not have a Grand Prix budget.


We are accepting orders for iM250 Mk 4.0 for delivery in 2019.


Please contact us to express your interest  and discuss options and prices.


Check out the good stuff on the Tech Specs page.

Timaru a
 Regan Phibbs #83 iM250 leading Blayse Heaven #59 Honda NSF250, NZSBK 2018